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Despite all the changes in the last decade in how we access music, AM/FM radio is still the most cost-effective advertising medium today and it remains media’s reach machine! 

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Radio Remotes

Most radio remotes fall into three categories-a sales for a client, publicity for a communities event or station promotion for a campaign.

Long Term Brand Building Campaigns, Short Term Event Campaigns &

Everything in Between!

Long Term Brand Building Campaigns

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Sponsor the News, Weather, Sports, or Show!

If you prefer a more subtle approach to radio ads or perhaps your budget is limited, buying a sponsorship is the way to go. You can sponsor news, weather reports, traffic updates, or other types of regular programming. 

The strength behind this type of campaign is it appeals to those who’s listening habits are tuned in at a specific time each and everyday or those who listen to a particular show, such as Vic Dubois ‘Sunday Morning SockHop’.

Traditionally sponsorships are used for long term campaigns such as 13, 26 or 52 week terms.  Radio sponsorships are more appropriate for brands whose product or service is purchased frequently or requires longer periods of time to expose the listener to the product or service to help influence their purchase decision.   They are also fantastic for helping a company brand to a particular audience.

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frequency and consistency

Own Our Entire Audience!

The Priority Plan holds the keys required to brand your company name along with advertising various products, sales, and events over a year.  Do not underestimate how frequent & consistent your marketing efforts need to be for long-term success and profitability.  The benefits of this plan are many!

Long term plans give you the most value. You can take advantage of lower pricing incentives, guaranteed schedules, guaranteed pricing, and tremendous value-added marketing programs.


For your business to cut through the competitive clutter and stand out, you need the consistent frequency an annual plan offers.  Your business will become important to a large, active audience.


Consistent radio marketing is the business investment that draws attention and traffic to your business to stimulate sales.


Developing a marketing plan and committing to it, allows you more time to focus on what you do best, run your business! 

Event Campaigns 

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CJWW Radio Remote

Sales and Event Advertising

The frequency of a message/ad is a fundamental piece when it comes to driving listeners to a particular event or sale that has an end date attached.  Often these schedules need a number of spots scheduled throughout the day, week, or weeks leading up to the event.  The higher the frequency, the greater the reach, the better the outcome.  Of course, the message itself is extremely important and plays an important role in creating emotion concerning an event, or a strong sell message for the event of a sale.  

Live on-location remotes rule!

A live on-location remote take our shows on road to your business!  Remotes are highly effective forms of radio advertising, drive traffic to your store location or to your website.

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